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About Social Anxiety Remedy

For 5 years we've been perfecting the art of the "Remedy." Here you'll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, and Parker's story.

Who we help

We help people FULLY overcome social anxiety by desensitizing their nervous system and escaping social conditioning. You're probably struggling with: Lack of connection, missing out on opportunities, speaking up, finding it hard to be your authentic self, feeling uncomfortable around people, overanalyzing, and worrying about what others think of you.

What do we do

We give people struggling with social anxiety our "Remedy" — A step-by-step solution that gives you control over your anxiety so you get real peace of mind in social situations. We do this through our Mentorship program. Mentorship aims to maximize: Relationships, confidence, work life, and clarity. Mentorship aims to minimize: Nervous system activation in social environments, lack of connections, worrying about what others think, the "social anxiety identity," and confusion.

Our Philosophy

The "Remedy" is the perfect balance between freedom from anxiety, building strong relationships, and creating a new identity. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on three core principles:

Our story

Part 1. Battling with Social Anxiety

It all started back in 2017 when I (Parker Dunham) headed off to college. Instead of going to classes however, I decided to turn my college experience into somewhat of my own social experiment. I uncharacteristically joined a fraternity, with the primary goal of overcoming my social anxiety. I never resorted to medication, but I did try all the techniques I was told might help: Therapy, EFT, meditation, gratitude exercises, journaling, affirmations, etc. But the more I focused on these techniques, the more I felt confused. The more I started to think there was no way I was ever going to get out of this.

Part 2. Overcoming my Anxiety

Through the pursuit of relentless trial and error I discovered Claire Weekes. Her work would go onto influence every aspect of my life. I uncovered why I was experiencing this anxiety in social environments. Claire Weekes is the first person that showed me that desensitizing my nervous system was not only the fastest solution to overcome anxiety, it was the ONLY solution. In fact, what I was doing (and what most of us do) to try to get rid of anxiety was precisely why I was stuck in the anxiety cycle for so long. After studying the principles to desensitize my nervous system, I started to: Feel comfortable around others, have peace of mind, speak up in social environments, and feel like I could live a normal life.

Part 3. Shifting my identity

I was conditioned over the years to develop a "Social Anxiety Identity." The person I grew up to be had an identity, beliefs, and assumptions about the world that simply WERE NOT TRUE. My anxiety had held me back for so long and really clouded my judgements. Now, after healing my nervous system, I started to see clearly for the first time. I started to see opportunities all around me and my self esteem immediately expanded. After 3 months of following this "Remedy" I gained the confidence to follow my entrepreneurial desires and drop out of College.

Part 4. A new paradigm

To ensure that I never fell back into the anxiety cycle, I knew that I needed to change the habits that my "Social Anxiety Identity" had given me over the years. I started to become obsessed with thoughts. What were thoughts? Where did they come from? Why didn't I necessarily feel like I had control over my thoughts? This began my research into the subconscious mind and what actually makes a person think the things they do. Thoughts have complete control over your words and actions. I started to discover the scary reality that we have far less control over our own lives than we could have ever imagined. Especially if you've been socially conditioned (all of us...) and weren't actively strengthening your awareness and control over your mind.

Part 5. Starting my podcast

I decided that I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on this information. That's when I started my podcast. Pretty soon, we rose to the #1 Social Anxiety Podcast across all streaming platforms. I now had an audience to share this with!

Part 6. Developing Mentorship

When I was struggling with this, there was no guide specifically for social anxiety. I had to piece everything together one-by-one, and put myself through tons of embarrassment that I'd rather others not have to repeat. I carved out my own guide that not only changed my relationship with anxiety but countless others too. My whole life I thought there was nothing out there getting people results. Simply taking a pill every day may reduce symptoms, but it will not get to the root of the problem. With Mentorship, whether you take medicine or not, you will start to see improvement almost immediately. An army of people have already started living their lives uninterrupted by social anxiety with this approach that requires no monthly prescription or pricey therapy bill. After 5 years of experimentation, I found what I believe is the perfect model. I call it "Social Anxiety Remedy", I live it, and I teach it too.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is here.

You can join our Facebook Group here.

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